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7 Reasons You Should Clean Your Bathroom Everyday
By AQVA Bathrooms Bathrooms

Most people clean their bathrooms at least once a week, after all, that's only hygienic, right? But there are some pretty good reasons why you might want to clean more often than that. In fact, you should probably be cleaning your bathroom every day. Why? Read on for seven good reasons to clean your bathroom at least once a day...

Clean Bathrooms

1. Your Sink Will Thank You

Hard water, soap scum and even your cosmetics can build up over time in your sink. If you want to stay on top of keeping your sink clean and avoid staining, particularly hard water stains, then you really should wash around your sink at least once a day.

2. It's Faster

Rather than saving all your cleaning for Saturday morning, and then spending hours doing it, staying on top of your bathroom cleaning and spending a few minutes each day doing it, will mean that you get to spend your Saturday morning in bed, or doing something that you enjoy.

3. The Toilet is Easier to Clean

Having to scrub a toilet bowl isn't anybody's idea of fun. But if you wipe the seat and lid and rinse around the bowl with the toilet brush and a quick flush, there won't be any more toilet scrubbing. Cleaning the toilet daily takes a few seconds, and will mean that you won't have to be up to your elbows scrubbing off what wasn't cleaned when it happened...

4. You'll Save on Cleaning Products

Cleaning products, bleach, toilet cleaner, stain removers all that kind of stuff, are pretty pricey. If you avoid getting things too dirty, and letting the dirt build up, then you'll find that you'll have to use less product to make things sparkling. If you want to save on shopping bills, then cleaning a little every day will mean that you can cut down on your use of those pricey products.

5. Your Surfaces and Brassware Need It...

Surfaces and the faucets in the bathroom seem to collect dust far faster than anywhere else. Maybe it's the makeup powder, or talc, or the fact that moist surfaces attract dirt better. And that's not to mention all those stray hairs that appear every time you blow dry. Your bathroom surfaces, basin waste and basin brasswares really do need a wipe over once a day to stop all that dust, dirt and hair accumulating.

6. And So Does Your Shower Curtain (or door)

Does your shower curtain or door always look a little grimy? That's because of the build of soap scum that it develops. A quick splash down with clean water after you get out of the shower will stop this from happening, and mean that you don't need to deep clean later.

7. Stop Mildew...

Finally, cleaning regularly will help prevent mildew. All that steam and heat in the bathroom is the perfect place for mildew to develop, especially in the grouting in the tiles and around the bathtub. Clean every day and you won't give the spores time to develop.

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