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Remodelling A Bathroom With A Roof Pitch
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How To Remodel A Bathroom With A Roof Pitch

A pitched roof can pose a few challenges when you're remodelling a room in your home. With a little experimentation and imagination, roof angles can be used to create an inspiring space where they become a feature.

If you have an attic with a slanted roof, or the top storey of your home has rooms that accommodate a sloping roof, these rooms have plenty of possibilities. One of the possibilities is to turn a room into a bathroom that accommodates the roof pitch stylishly.

Here's how you can remodel a bathroom with a roof pitch to create a welcoming, luxurious space that enhances your home.

Smart Choices For A Small Interior Space

Smart Choices For A Small Interior Space

The first thing to consider when planning a room remodel based on a roof pitch is that the space is most likely going to be smaller than any other room in your home. It might look spacious when examining a floor plan. But in reality, the room will shrink to accommodate the pitch. The sloped roof should be used in your favour as a design choice.

However, a low-hanging roof will make it more difficult to install bathroom necessities like toilets, basins, and showers. A bathtub that's too big and creates an obstacle in the room. For this reason, you'll need to consider your sanitaryware choices carefully. You don't want to position your toilet so that anyone who uses it bumps their head.

A corner bath is always a smart choice, especially when you're planning to build or design a small bathroom. In a roof-pitched bathroom where one slanted wall might not be of any practical use, installing a corner bath elsewhere in the room will free up space that otherwise might be occupied by a standard bathtub.

A small bath fulfils the same purpose, even if it might take a bit of readjusting to get used to. Fortunately, manufacturers are now working hard to ensure that even the most compact baths provide a great bathing experience. Small baths that are deeper or those with a built-in step are excellent options.

It's important to remember that the bathroom you're remodelling doesn't have to be the primary bathroom. It can be used as a guest bathroom for families that need to accommodate growing children or simply as an extra bathroom to make your home more comfortable.

How To Get The Layout Right

Get The Layout Right

When designing within the limited parameters of a roof pitch, you must get the layout of your bathroom right at the outset. It's perhaps best to hire a professional architect or designer for this step, as it is essential to the success of your room.

At this stage you need to ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I want a bathtub or a shower?
  • Do I want a small or corner-style bathtub?
  • What style basin do I want?
  • Do I need built-in storage?
  • Do I want a hanging toilet or a traditional toilet?
  • Which bathroom necessities will work best within the space? Which of these will provide the most freedom of movement?

All these questions are essential to your final plan. When planning the layout, you'll need to create a practical floor plan that is precisely according to the room's measurements.

When working within a limited space, you must make certain concessions. For a room in the roof's pitch, additions like the mirrors hanging above the basin might need to come down a few inches. You might need to forego having a shower in this bathroom, and the toilet might need to be lower to the ground so that you can still use it comfortably.

These questions and layout plans need to be done first so you can easily choose the right fittings and fixtures. Buying a toilet or bath and finding out that it doesn't fit is not ideal and results from poor planning. Get the layout done first!

Choosing the Right Bathroom Products To Match Your Desired Aesthetic

Choosing the Right Bathroom Products

Once you have your floor plan and layout ready, it's time to start choosing the bathroom products that align with your design.

Whether you want to go rustic, modern, minimalist, or retro, the design aspects of your bathroom can be chosen entirely by you or with the help of an interior decorator.

You'll need to choose the following:

  • Type and style of toilet and toilet seat
  • Type and style of bath
  • Type and style of basin
  • Bathroom taps
  • Shower enclosure and fittings (optional)
  • Bathroom storage
  • Bathroom furniture (optional)

Once you've selected these items, you can move on to the decor and decide on:

  • Tiles
  • Paint colours
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Window dressings

All these choices will be influenced by the roof slant, and wherever possible, aim for whatever makes the room look bigger. For example, a white bath, toilet, and basin will make a smaller space feel bigger, as will lighter tiles and bright lights. Avoiding small patterns is a good idea, too, as these can make a room look smaller.

If there's natural light, you can capitalise on this as much as possible, and if you need a window covering, opt for a blind that allows as much light into the space, even when it's closed. Adding a mirror or two will help to create the feeling of space and ensure that they don't reflect off one another, as this has the opposite of the desired effect.

Final Considerations

Final Considerations

Once you've created your floorplan and decided on your bathroom fittings, furnishings and finishings, you should have a roof pitch bathroom that matches your initial vision.

However, it's important not to lose focus during this long process and to keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Determine and stick to your budget: This is the most important consideration when you're remodelling and designing headspace. Often, designers can get carried away by the sheer opportunity that presents itself in a room and creates something the buyer cannot afford. Set a strict budget and make your design choices wisely!
  • Stay true to yourself: Another important tip to remember is that the room you're remodelling is going to be yours and yours only. If you want a specific design or style, stay true and honest to yourself, and get it! Interior designers and architects are professionals. But, in the end, you have the final say.
  • Do your research and investigate products: Don't dive in with the first idea or bath you see. Do your research, learn about different products, look at the various taps available and check out everything that will be part of your bathroom. A little research can go a long way to ensuring your pitched roof bathroom complements your home and adds value.

A roof pitch bathroom remodel is relatively easy, and it can be affordable too. Follow these tips to create a bathroom that you, your family and your guests will love.

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