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The Brassware Gurus: Presenting GroheTaps
By Cat Alford Bathroom Taps

When it comes to choosing a new tap for your home, look no further than the brand Grohe. Established by Freidrich Grohe in 1934, Grohe has blossomed into one of the most popular and respected brassware brands. Currently, Grohe has over 23 sales offices around the world, and their sleek and modern designs have captivated homeowners across several different continents.

The best adjectives to describe the style of Grohe are sleek, modern, and stylish. They have several taps that have square edges in addition to the curvier taps seen over the past few decades. They are also a leader in technological innovations. Many of their taps are thermostatic in addition to being easy to operate and use. Their designs are so popular that they have received numerous awards for them.

Grohe Taps Logo

Grohe Allure

The Allure tap above clearly demonstrates Grohe’s love for contemporary design. The lines on this tap are clean, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing. This tap would work especially well in a sleek loft or in a high end condo. Essentially, it would look great in any home that has a penchant for modern design. From a utilitarian perspective, it is easy to use as well as hygienic. You can turn it on and off using your arm and not your hands, so that your hands really do stay germ free.

Grohe Minta

The Minta tap above is meant for your kitchen. Designers and homeowners alike love the unique handle on the front, which gives this tap “a little something extra.” It’s a subtle design perk, and it will make your visitors know instinctively that it’s a gorgeous tap without really knowing why. We also love the gracious curving design of the top of the tap. It leaves plenty of room to wash your hands and your dishes, while remaining beautiful at the same time.

Grohe Versi

The Veris tap would work great above a sink, especially in a small space. The wall mounted handles makes it so that you have more space in your bathroom, giving your basin room to breathe. We also love the chrome finish, which can easily be kept shiny with just a little bit of maintenance. Also, what’s probably most unique about this design is that the tap juts straight out instead of curving down. This is a great contemporary feature that’s complemented by the softer curves of the handles. Ultimately, this tap would work really well in a traditional or a modern home, although it’s best to be included in a more updated space.

We know that choosing a tap isn’t always the easiest decision, because there are so many great designs out there that would suit many different tastes. However, we hope that by describing the above taps in detail and explaining where they would fit in best will give you a better idea of the direction to head in. As we said previously, you can’t go wrong with a company like Grohe. If it were up to us, we’d buy from a company who has satisfied customers for 8 decades too!

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