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Tiling Ideas for Small Bathrooms
By Mo Member Bathrooms

No matter how big or small your bathroom is it’s one of the most likely places you’re going to find tiles in the home. Tiles are predominately used in bathrooms because they are more hygienic that wallpaper and carpets, they’re also likely to be cleaner and more mold-resistant than bathroom paints.

As well as being very hygienic, tiles can add value to your bathroom, and therefore the whole house, plus there are a lot of stunning and unique designs that you won’t find elsewhere.

Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Tile Size

Before we look at specific tiling ideas, you need to realise that if you have a small bathroom, you should refrain from using large tiles. This is because they will only make your bathroom look smaller, no matter how beautiful the tiles are. Large tiles are typically 60 x 30 centimetres, and they could make it seem like your bathroom walls are closing in on you.

Making Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

The good news is you can easily make your small bathroom seem so much bigger than it really is. This can be done by using some cream or white bathroom tiles. This is because light coloured tiles tend to reflect light a lot better than darker colours do. This will give your bathroom a more spacious feel, and it won’t feel as cramped as it used to.

If you want to go that little bit further, you might even want to think about using the same colour tiles on your bathroom floor. This will further help to increase the overall effect of space, and as long as you use a grout that’s the same or similar colour as the grout you used on your wall tiles, the effect will be most pleasing. 

Tiling Ideas

Ok, so let’s get started with some great tiling ideas that could potentially bring your small bathroom to life.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can give your bathroom an amazing finish, who says tiles have to be plain and boring? If you love the natural look, then you may want to consider buying slate or marble tiles. Alternatively, you could also buy regular porcelain or ceramic tiles that have a natural effect. These tiles are likely to be a little cheaper than stone tiles, but they can still have that amazing finish you’re looking for. Try not to go with a design that’s too over the top as it could look quite dated in just a few years. Remember if you want to use natural stone tiles in a small bathroom, you should still make sure the tiles aren’t too big or too dark.

A Combination of Tiles

We all want our bathrooms to look good, and although many people consider using one type and size of tile throughout their bathroom, others use two.

If you have a small bathroom you may not want to use a tile that’s any larger than 40 x 30 centimetres, as it can make the room seem very small. One great idea that’s proved very effective is to use a combination of tiles; this gives an interesting effect and can make your bathroom seem so much bigger. The idea is to tile your bathroom with 40 x 30-centimetre tiles arranged horizontally rather than vertically. Not only will this idea help to break the design up a little, but it will make it seem a lot more spacious without really trying.

Multi-Coloured Tiles

Multi-coloured tiles can add that extra special touch to a small bathroom, particularly if they are only used on one wall. This will help to create the illusion of space as well as helping to brighten up a potentially dull bathroom.

A Range of Coloured Tiles

A classic yet very modern looking effect is to tile the majority of your bathroom in white or cream tiles that help to reflect the light then adding coloured tiles to the shower or bathtub area. This can make the bathroom open up a little bit and give it that special touch. A predominantly white tiled bathroom that has spaced out purple tiles around the shower area, for example, will create a perception of more space while making the room stand out from traditional bathrooms.

For an extra special touch you might want to think about tiling the floor around your tub or shower the same colour as the tiles on the wall.

The lighter the bathroom, the more spacious it will seem and the cleaner it will look. If you don’t have natural light in your bathroom, then you may want to use white or cream tiles or a very pale pastel colour.

Time to Develop Your Ideas

Anyone can make good use of the space they have by fitting the right size and colour tiles, so their small bathroom opens up and seems less cramped. Think about a design you love, and try to incorporate it into your small bathroom, so it becomes the best-decorated room in the house.

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