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Twyford Clifton is where comfort meets luxury. Clifton is a remarkable range of captivating urinals, manufactured by Twyford. Now you must be thinking, why captivating urinals? It is extremely vital to distinguishingly characterize every aspect of the bathroom, to make the bathroom look fantastic and practical at the same time. Twyford never lets you down with its innovative ideas, and Clifton Urinals are a part of it. Smooth, sophisticated design, created from Vitreous China, makes every Twyford Urinal, mind-blowing.

What Are Water Saving Urinals?

The exceptional range of Clifton from Twyford feature single urinal bowl, which can also be selected in doubles and triples for educational complexes, hospitals, and other public places. The unique Waterless Urinal from Clifton proves to be an outstanding invention of Twyford. The inner surface of this bowl is urine repellent and drains the liquid down through gravity. You can now save precious water by installing Clifton Waterless Urinal from Twyford.