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Wall Hung Toilets

Bathroom planning can be quite daunting. The best thing to start is by selecting the right bathroom products. A wall-hung toilet saves space in the bathroom. These toilets are also available with smaller dimensions. They occupy centre stage in the bathroom with their ergonomic design, comfort, and sleek and stylish looks. In this category, we offer toilets with soft close seats to rimless models. These compact WCs are integrated with additional features to make them modern and trendy. At the time of purchasing a new Wall Hung Toilet, several factors needs to be considered. This includes quality, materials, and cost. At AQVA, you do not have to worry about it, as we can assure you, we have displayed high quality products, and that too at an affordable price. Here, we have displayed a series of products with Wall Mounted frames. Feel free to browse through our series of products, and select the right one that will suit your bathroom decor.

159 Products
More info vitra / 6107L003-0075
Product Variation Available
Vitra Arkitekt 515mm High Wall-Hung WC Pan £108.00 £180.00 Stars
More info twyford / GN1798WH
Twyford Galerie Rimfree Wall Hung WC Pan 540mm £111.02 £195.82 3.33 Stars
More info vitra / 5507L003-0101
Product Variation Available
VitrA S20 Wall Hung 520mm WC Pan With Toilet Seat £122.91 £202.01 4.5 Stars
More info Premier / NCU900C
Premier Marlow Wall Hung WC Pan 510mm And Seat £133.20 £333.00 3 Stars
More info vitra / 7740B003-0075
Vitra S50 Rim-Ex Wall Hung WC Pan £145.75 £265.00 Stars
More info vitra / 5318L003-0075
VitrA S50 Wall Hung WC Pan With Toilet Seat £151.27 £274.01 4 Stars
More info pura / CH10100A
Pura Imex Essence 470mm Wall Hung WC Bowl £162.89 £273.00 Stars
More info heritage / PGRWW00
Heritage Granley 527mm Wall Hung WC Pan £163.20 £240.00 Stars
More info pura / CH10100
Pura Essence 500mm Wall Hung WC Bowl £169.36 £284.00 4.5 Stars
More info heritage / PDWW00
Heritage Dorchester 522mm Wall Hung WC Pan £170.00 £250.00 Stars
More info saneux / 50076
Saneux Austen Slim Wall Mounted WC Pan £187.98 £250.64 Stars
More info duravit / 22280900002
Duravit D-Code 700mm Wall Mounted Toilet £189.00 £283.20 4.33 Stars
More info vitra / 5785L003-0075
Product Variation Available
VitrA Zentrum 500mm Wall Hung WC Pan And Toilet Seat £201.60 £252.00 3.5 Stars
More info Roca / 346477000
Roca The Gap Wall Hung WC Pan 540mm £227.24 £433.02 3.33 Stars
More info RoperRhodes / NWHPAN
Roper Rhodes Note Wall Hung Pan £230.96 £409.00 Stars
More info laufen / 8205500000001
Laufen Mimo Wall Hung WC Pan 500mm Projection £252.82 £326.22 4.25 Stars
More info saneux / 7712
Saneux Poppy Wall Mounted WC Pan £363.56 £596.00 Stars
More info Roca / 893302000
Product Variation Available
Roca Meridian-N In-Tank Wall Hung WC With Cistern And I-Type Support For Solid Walls £887.98 £1614.50 Stars
More info Roca / 893020001
Roca W+W Combined WC And Basin £3021.25 £3776.57 3.55 Stars
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